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Meet Tim Stephens

I founded Ignite Sales Mentoring to pass on my experience and knowledge so the next generation of salespeople can reach their full potential in the most rewarding career anyone could ever hope for.

With over 25 years of professional selling experience, including mentoring and sales leadership, I’m proud to help others learn the craft of selling through serving as a mentor. I specialize in teaching how to create value based, consultative relationships that win sales in an increasingly price-centric, commoditized world.

My sales career at a Fortune Top 100 Best Places to Work company meant I attended many sales courses and learned well known sales systems along the way. While each system contained valuable ideas, in years of practice I found no one system consistently fit every sales situation and made sense for every buyer’s journey.

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Ignite's Approach

Working and living in Calgary, Toronto and other cities, I frequently encountered competitors using aggressive pricing to appeal to buyers. This ‘commoditization culture’ encouraged a race to the bottom on price that required a different approach.

Through applying specific behaviours and concepts while being situationally aware of the buyer’s journey, I created an alternative buying vision that reduced the importance of price. Instead of a salesperson, I became the trusted advisor, identifying potential wins, challenges, and unconsidered risks to avoid. Together, we crafted a value based conversation that differentiated my solution from others in a complex selling environment.

I’ve always considered selling as an act of service to my prospects and clients. When you care enough to ensure the value proposition is the right fit, closing the deal is simply the byproduct.

How Can Ignite Sales Mentoring Help you?

Ignite’s Sales Mentoring is perfect for new salespeople, under-performers, or experienced sellers competing in a price sensitive, long sales cycle, complex sale. Mentoring offers a higher value sales education through a longer term mentorship that leverages short learning bursts coupled with one on one and group discussions to ensure the concepts taught become engrained. As Mentoring Moments take only a fraction of a salesperson’s typical week, there’s no lost days being Out of Office and no costly disruptions to new business development.

Struggling to sell in today’s price-centric, commoditized world? Learn more about what makes Ignite different from the usual sales training.

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Interim Sales Management is a fractional, interim sales management solution that supports your small or medium sized business with combined sales mentoring, sales enablement and professional sales management experience.

With an Ignite’s solution, you get the best of both worlds - customizable salesperson performance mentoring plus expertise in establishing and running your sales group - at a fraction of the cost of hiring an experienced full time sales leader. Ignite will support you as long as needed and even help transition to a Full Time Sales Leader when you’re ready.

Ignite your sales today. Learn More about Ignite’s Interim Sales Management solutions. 

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Honesty & integrity are the cornerstones of a no-fee, no-obligation first meeting. You have time, money and revenue at stake; for Ignite, it is brand and reputation. It’s critical to mutually understand if the fit is right and there’s no pressure if it isn’t.

Ignite’s focus is identifying your strengths and challenges, your corporate culture and your goals. Ignite Sales Mentoring will help you understand if our mentor’s background, style and approach is the value proposition you’re looking for.

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