Interim Sales Management

Ignite provides interim senior level sales leadership expertise for small to medium sized businesses. This can be combined with mentoring for even more powerful results!

Own a small business and need a Sales Manager to run your sales team? Ignite provides part-time (fractional) interim senior level sales leadership expertise for small to medium sized businesses. This can be combined with mentoring for even more powerful results!

How Can Interim Sales Management Help Your Business Grow?

Ignite Sales Mentoring’s Interim or Fractional Sales Management program provides the experience you need, at a fraction of the cost of a Full Time Employee (FTE), for as long as you need it. As your business grows, and when you decide you’re ready, Ignite helps on-board a full time sales leader who fits your culture and drives your business forward.

Interim Sales Management gets your small business sales on the right track:

The Right Personnel 

Attract, retain and motivate top performers. Determine if performance improvement plans are worth the investment. How to properly measure and motivate salesperson performance 

Sales Enablement

Are sales, marketing and client relations in full alignment? Are your salespeople delivering a consistent message? What’s in your sales playbook? Is AI Enablement software right for your business?

Pipeline Management

What data should you collect and why? How to use CRM systems while avoiding overkill. Map out accurate pipeline management and the buyer’s journey

Sales Forecasting & Territory planning

How to promote accurate reporting. True ROI streams to determine what your clients are really worth. What key metrics should territory plans include? 

Technical & Legal

Do your contracts protect future business retention? Generating both internal and client facing SLA’s & KPI’s. Responding the right way to RFI’s & RFP’s 

Ignite Sales Mentoring
Can Also Help With:

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Procurement Negotiations

Turn procurement negotiations from nerve-racking to an opportunity. Facing a director of procurement or supply chain management professional is a fear many salespeople dread. Don’t let this shake your team. Ignite Sales Mentoring facilitates small group mentoring sessions with a senior level procurement professional (a certified SCMP professional) who walks your team through the supply chain negotiation process and mindset. Your salespeople gain powerful insights that remove the mystery and empower their sales.

As a small business you can also leverage the expertise of a contract based SCMP professional.

Client Relations Consulting

Client relations and sales are closely connected and need to be aligned. Clients should be some of your best salespeople - they’re so pleased with your service that they become your biggest promoters. People buy based on referrals, recommendations and from people they trust.

Ignite can assist in crafting client relationships that fuel revenue through trust based relationships that measure value delivery, SLA’s, KPI’s, return on investment, and are anticipatory in nature - so you can bring answers to the client, before they have questions.

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Honesty & integrity are the cornerstones of a no-fee, no-obligation first meeting. You have time, money and revenue at stake; for Ignite, it is brand and reputation. It’s critical to mutually understand if the fit is right and there’s no pressure if it isn’t.

Ignite’s focus is identifying your strengths and challenges, your corporate culture and your goals. Ignite Sales Mentoring will help you understand if our mentor’s background, style and approach is the value proposition you’re looking for.

Thank you for considering Ignite Sales Mentoring as your partner in sales success.

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