New Salesperson Mentorship

New Salesperson Mentorship

For new or junior salespeople, this half-day introduction sets the stage for a successful start in sales. This initial discussion includes time for Q&A and is followed up by one on one mentoring sessions within 3 days to gauge initial application. Further follow-ups in 7, 14, and 30 days promote engrained skills.

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Topics We Will Cover

Becoming a Top Tier Salesperson

What are the daily behaviours of a high performing salesperson?

Sales Mindset Skills

Having the right mindset is critical to success. Learn how top achievers leverage their mindset to win where others don’t.

Prospecting Essentials

What is best - a phone-call, reaching out on social media, Linked In, or an email? What do you do next? The importance of multiple prospecting avenues and the do’s and don’ts of follow-up.

First Meeting Goals

What are the goals for a first prospect meeting?

Asking Questions

Ask the right questions, ignite your deal’s potential.

Differentiating Yourself from the Competition

Creating the engaging conversations that your competitors aren’t.

Become the Trusted Advisor

Stop selling - build rapport and trust to close more deals.

Value Proposition

Sell value over price. How is your solution different and does it matter to the prospect? How are you equating your solution to real value in the prospect’s own terms?

Objections Handling

Using big picture perspective and value over price discussions to maintain selling momentum.

Being the Subject Matter Expert vs Collaborative Selling

When is it ok to go in solo versus calling in your team to seal the deal?

Presentations They’ll Remember

Toss the slide show - how to keep audience engagement and avoid presentation stagnation. 

Pipeline Planning & Goal Setting

What’s in your pipeline and what’s the value of those customers? Forecasting and strategic pipeline and time management.

Negotiations made Simple

Getting to win/win and minimizing your time on the game of give and take. Strategies to avoid price drops as a negotiation tool.

After Sale Experience 

Fulfilling the sales process promises to create a client experience so good, they become your biggest fans and salespeople.

Personal Brand

What are the essentials of building a personal brand & why is it so critical?

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Honesty & integrity are the cornerstones of a no-fee, no-obligation first meeting. You have time, money and revenue at stake; for Ignite, it is brand and reputation. It’s critical to mutually understand if the fit is right and there’s no pressure if it isn’t.

Ignite’s focus is identifying your strengths and challenges, your corporate culture and your goals. Ignite Sales Mentoring will help you understand if our mentor’s background, style and approach is the value proposition you’re looking for.

Thank you for considering Ignite Sales Mentoring as your partner in sales success.

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