The Ignite Sales Mentoring Program

When it comes to boosting your business's growth and revenue, nothing is more important than investing in your people and in your salesforce's performance. Provide support to new salespeople, underperformers, or even experienced sellers wanting to go even higher with Ignite's Sales Mentoring program.

Our Sales Mentoring program is designed to help your salespeople develop genuine, trusted advisor relationships with their clients. Instead of relying on artificial feeling step-by-step systems, Ignite Sales Mentoring teaches and reinforces winning behaviours. Ignite your sales today and work with an experienced professional, not a facilitator or trainer.
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About Sales Mentoring

The new era of selling is complex. Old-school, step by step sales training isn't flexible enough to adapt
to the new way of selling, while the latest AI sales enablement software lends an artificial feel that fails to empower
each salesperson's creativity and style. Ignite teaches sales behaviours that match up to each buyer's journey,
allowing the salesperson to craft strong trusted advisor relationships that win.
At Ignite, We Believe Sales
Mentoring is All About:

Having a Sales Mindset

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What makes and separates effective salespeople from their competitors? What does a winning attitude look like and how do they demonstrate it?

Pipeline Management

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Find hidden prospecting avenues that you might not have thought of. Be mindful of the stages of the buyer's journey. What's your next move?

Gaining Momentum

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Ensure a drip campaign maintains mind share and learn the pitfalls to avoid.

Building Relationships

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Focus on the clients and opportunities that have the most potential. Which prospects are worth your time? What behaviours establish trust?

Knowing Buyer Motivation

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What motivates the decision-makers in their buyer's journey? Learn how to craft a case for change that creates urgency around your offer.

The Secrets of Selling

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Create measurable value that disarms low-priced competitors. Leverage differentiation and risk avoidance and learn when to say No vs. Yes.

Unforgettable Presentations

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Unplug PowerPoint. Learn the new way of presenting that maximizes audience engagement to set you apart.

Compelling Negotiations

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Get insider information. Let a senior Supply Chain Management Professional educate you on what Procurement is really thinking and learn negotiating strategies that protect your deal.

What Salespeople Neglect

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Learn how to use CRM systems the right way. Create clients that will help you sell your products or service and leverage collaborative selling.

How the Mentoring
Program Works

Ignite Sales Mentoring designs its program so that sessions are short and easy to remember.
By encouraging real-world practice before follow-up sessions, our program is built to maximize training impact
while minimizing time away from selling. Group discussions with your peers encourage sharing real-world experiences
while further engraining practical application of course material.
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Step #1:

Strength & Weakness Assessment

The Ignite Sales Mentoring program starts with an initial strengths, weakness, and opportunities assessment of each salesperson or salesforce.
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Step #2:

Scheduled & Customized Learning Sessions

After the initial assessment, the program starts with regularly scheduled, customized learning sessions that are 1–2 hours in length.
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Step #3:

One-on-One Follow-up and Group Discussion

We follow up with short 1-on-1 mentoring discussions and then end with a group discussion on the practical application of what we've covered.

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Step #4:

Introduce a Brand New Learning Topic!

Once the initial learning sessions and following group discussions conclude, we introduce a new learning topic and the mentorship continues!

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Mentoring vs. Training

The more competent and confident a salesperson is, the more likely they are to close deals and produce higher revenue. From higher career satisfaction to lower staff turnover and increasing your brand reputation and recognition, there are plenty of good reasons to invest in your salesforce — so why don't more companies do it?
The biggest mistake companies can make is committing to an expensive sales system only to find that their salespeople don't follow it or end up sounding awkward with prospects. Even worse, but without regular reinforcement and use, up to 90% of what is taught can be forgotten in as little as 7 to 14 days.
That's what sets mentoring apart from training.
Mentoring is different!

No Systems

We don't teach a system that may or may not work for you. Instead, we instill concepts and behaviors that are relevant to the stages of a buyer's journey.

Scheduled Reinforcement

Our one-on-one mentoring sessions and following group discussions ensure that the concepts learned are applied and practiced in the real world.

Natural Way to Sell

Without a system, the salespeople we train remain authentic in their approach. This allows them to apply concepts instead of a step-by-step method.

Find Your Strengths

We discover each salesperson's strongest capabilities and teach them how to use those in a collaborative sales team.

Think Like a Customer

We teach every step of your buyer's journey. Learn to identify the motivation of decision-makers and how to communicate the value proposition.

Ongoing Learning

Our program provides ongoing support and learning to engrain behaviors and higher effectiveness in ways that a 2-day training seminar can't.
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Scalable & Customizable Mentoring!
At Ignite Sales Mentoring, we understand that training isn't a one-size-fits-all
solution. That's why we design and customize our mentorship program to suit the
individual. Instead of teaching everyone the same thing, we're there to work with
your specific situation and needs!

Let's Sit Down For
a Conversation!

Please contact Ignite for a no-fee consultation.

Honesty & integrity are the cornerstones of a no-fee, no-obligation first meeting. You have time, money and revenue at stake; for Ignite, it is brand and reputation. It’s critical to mutually understand if the fit is right and there’s no pressure if it isn’t.

Ignite’s focus is identifying your strengths and challenges, your corporate culture and your goals. Ignite Sales Mentoring will help you understand if our mentor’s background, style and approach is the value proposition you’re looking for.

Thank you for considering Ignite Sales Mentoring as your partner in sales success.

setup a time to talk!
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