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Investing in your salespeople is a wise step toward growing your revenue and your business, but the benefits go even further: skilled salespeople deliver superior revenue, contribute to your company’s culture, and are more likely to stay long term.

Ignite’s unique sales mentoring program delivers powerful results that surpass traditional sales training.

Instead of expensive one or two day seminars where concepts are quickly forgotten, Ignite provides ongoing customized sales mentoring ensuring engrained mastery.

Every prospect is different, so training that promotes a ‘selling system’ is risky. Instead, Ignite Sales Mentoring teaches a scaleable, connected sales curriculum with concepts that work for every buyer’s unique journey.

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Salespeople learn real-world, practical behaviours that are easily adopted as a natural part of a selling style instead of the clunky, artificial feel of a step-by-step system. 

Preventing information overload and eliminating costly ‘Out of Office’ days, Ignite uses interactive, 1-2 hour learning bursts coupled with scheduled, ongoing mentee sessions in one on one and collaborative group settings.

The result? No ‘out of office’ days of lost productivity. No expensive, risky investments in seminars that do not provide the post meeting support necessary to fully grasp training. Ignite’s ongoing mentoring means your salespeople develop true mastery, no matter their previous experience, their skill level, or development stage. 

Contact Ignite today to invest in a customized mentoring program that delivers superior profitability and results that training can’t.

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Honesty & integrity are the cornerstones of a no-fee, no-obligation first meeting. You have time, money and revenue at stake; for Ignite, it is brand and reputation. It’s critical to mutually understand if the fit is right and there’s no pressure if it isn’t.

Ignite’s focus is identifying your strengths and challenges, your corporate culture and your goals. Ignite Sales Mentoring will help you understand if our mentor’s background, style and approach is the value proposition you’re looking for.

Thank you for considering Ignite Sales Mentoring as your partner in sales success.

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